mfc group

Who we are

From its inception in 1992, MFC has been solely owned and operated by the Suleiman family. Beyond the Initial start of MFC, MFC is one of the biggest distribution group in Libya. With our main headquarters located in Tripoli, we operate and distribute throughout the entire country of Libya.


The company was found in Tripoli by Sulieman Family.

2000 to 2005

Attained the first exclusive partnership with Deborah
Reachedan agreement with EuroItalia.
Launched MFC Beauty to become MFC Group.

2005 to 2012

Singed an exclusive agreement with Lolita Lempicka, Collistar, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, By Terry& Custom National.
Launched MFC Retail
Launched MFC Pharma with portfolio of SVR lab, AVENT Philips.

2012 to 2014

MFC Beauty is the exclusive distributor for Max Factor
MFC Care reach an agreement to distribute Philips domestic applies
MFC Beauty reached an agreement with Coty to distribute Rimmel

2014 to Present

MFC Care reached distribution agreement with Reckitt Bencksier
MFC Beauty reached an agreement to distribute Roberto Cavalli

Libya overview

Population 6.48M

libya overview
0-14 years
  • 1,057,359
  • 1,104,590
15-64 years
  • 2,011,226
  • 2,124,053
65 years and over
  • 153,776
  • 146,956
libya urban population

Urban population 78%

of total population in Libya (2010)